The Origin Story (according to Man)

Fharlanghn, before he dwelt on the horizon, sired Mirn.  But it was not a story of love and peace, for he sired Mirn with Ehlonna, goddess of the Forests, who was betrothed to Obad-Hai.  In a fit of jealous rage, Obad-Hai struck down Mirn. But Ehlonna intervened to save her child and blessed Mirn to be the world.  Fharlanghn cursed Obad-Hai to guard Mirn until the end of time. Fharlanghn may never walk the world of man again, but Obad-Hai must guard it in his absense.

The Origin Story (according to Elves)

Before the gods, was the First – beings of spirit nature, emotions. Pure essences existed for aeons, until the courts came. Seelie and Unseelie. Queen Sarariah and Mother Kayah. Those who offended the courts were cast down to Mirn.  The Spirits (the Fae) were sent to guard the gateways, acting as jailors to prevent any from returning to the First.  We elves descended from these noble spirits and watch over Mirn, guarding the barriers between worlds.


Survivors of the Fog ixelan